Robekkah 10


Title: Robekkah 10
Date: 2010
Medium: Oil on canvas
Original Size: 16" x 18"

This series explores relationships, beauty and women's identity in a post-feminist era.  These portraits illustrate the character beneath the surface of small town Canadian women. Each subject has sent intimate digital images of themselves nude, something which now is much more instantaneous than before due to the easiness and accessibility of the internet and digital cameras. These portraits question the distance between subject and viewer and how we look at people. In the artist/model relationship, the women whom I had asked were close friends and had full reign in how they chose to adorn themselves and pose.  Aspects of role playing and personal preferences in how they wish to be seen are very revealing and intimate. It is an intimate investigation of women's identity and sexuality in a post feminist era, where a woman can be a sexual object for herself.


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