In my research, I often evolve and experiment within my artistic process. As a
painter, my journey has evolved from watercolours, inks and gouache to acrylics and
finally to oil paints. I have experimented with painting still life, figures, portraits and
abstracted landscapes. Currently, my work cycles mostly between realistic
documentation of portraits or nudes and abstracted painterly landscapes. It is a
conscious decision; I cycle between the two forms as a way to maintain balance.
Painting either landscapes or portraits is dictated by my desire, however there is still a
dialogue between the two. I want them to inform each other. My abstracted landscape
paintings evolve like the surface of the earth, like glaciers scouring and scraping away
land, leaving behind scars on the terrain. And my portraits, I believe, are a truer form
of documentation. Even when working from a photograph, I subconsciously alter and
change the model. I like to go beyond capturing a likeness of someone, and to capture
the inner personality and angst beneath the surface.